When developing an evoluted transform map, it is handy to be able to run quicky.


First, I will import the data using "Data Sources" once in order to have all the data loaded in an import set. And then, to run the transform map on a single row, I am using the following background script:

var importSet = new GlideRecord('sys_import_set');
importSet.get('data_source.name','My Import Set Name');
gs.info("Import set is "+importSet.getDisplayValue());

var transformer = new GlideImportSetTransformer();
transformer.setMapID('af41399cdba8a150229b0ad4e29619bb'); // The sys_id of my transform map
transformer.transformAllMaps(importSet, 'a7044558dba4a150229b0ad4e296190b'); // second parameter is the sys_id of the row of the import table