I can't speak many languages, but I have always been interested in languages. Well, even a computer language can be treated as a whole language with its own syntax, grammar, rules and dialects. At some point I have hesitated in making a single article about the languages I can use to communicate with humans and with objects. Yes, I am not restraining to computer languages.


I am french, so my native language is french. What else?


I started to learn English at middle school. Well, 11 years old. I had a particular interest to study English. In early 1980s, when you got interested in computer, you had not much choice rather than reading and speaking English. Even when you wanted to play a video game.

TOEIC? Well, I have been reading, writing and speaking in English all around the world to communicate both in professional and personal environments for more than 35 years now.


Japanese is a long term project and I started the hard way:

  • by myself with books and trips to Japan
  • in Japanese, using kanji almost from day 1.

In 2019, I got a modest LILATE A1. Which is not that glorious but it sets a milestone and it means that I actually know more Japanese than a regular person. I plan to attend JLPT N5 (N4?) by the end of 2020.

But today, I have good fundations if I should start serious studies. I can read and write in ひあがな、カタカナ、漢字.